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  • Marsha Yates

    May 19, 2022 at 08:28
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    For the teachers, several websites provide study materials. On some websites, it is free and on some, you can find paid. The term “teaching/learning materials” has a fairly broad scope. It is known as Learning and Teaching Support Material in some parts of the world (LTSM). Classroom learning and teaching materials. Textbooks, class reading books, dictionaries, e-books, stationery, worksheets, and science equipment are examples of resources created by teachers, students, and corporations. The one question usually came to people’s minds is why teaching/learning material is important for teachers? So the utilization of Teaching/Learning Materials allows a teacher to improve their students’ learning experience. It’s a departure from the traditional ‘chalk and talks’ method of instruction, in which the teacher effectively lectures the students. A teacher can provide learning opportunities for the students by deploying Teaching/Learning Materials. Instead of simply delivering knowledge to their students, teachers encourage more independent, activity-based learning.