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  • Marsha Yates

    May 17, 2022 at 14:44
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    Before you begin your first session with a brand-new student, make sure you have some background information on your student. It’s crucial to know their age, name, and interests, such as basketball, as well as a sense of what they’re dealing with. This will assist you in planning your lesson and will provide you with some suggestions for how to break the ice during the first session. Another suggestion for reducing anxiety is to plan ahead of time. You have no idea how fast or slow your learner works. You can only estimate how long each action will take. Make sure you have additional work and aren’t left with nothing to do for the last 20 minutes, just in case. Always plan beforehand! In addition to arranging your instruction, make sure you allocate time at the beginning of each session for conversing and getting to know your student better.