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ShareLearnTeach.com is a one stop place to share with other PE professionals.

What does that mean? Well, imagine cloud storage similar to Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud, except we gave it a social look and feel and added an activity wall to it. An account with us allows you to upload your PE resources, such as GCSE, Vocational, Primary, A level or CORE PE and share it with all the other users on Share Learn Teach. In the past PE Teachers had to mail it to everyone individually and had no opportunity to network further than a quick steal of a resource. This is such a tedious and unsatisfying process, simplifying the way users share and bringing PEople together was what drove Josh Clayman to start this organisation in 2017.

Since 2017 we have been building additional features and listening to our users on what they wanted! We have since added the ability for users to share their PE Resources straight to groups. That was not enough, so we started a public forum space so users can chat about relative topics and share ideas. We then decided the sky is the limit and we added the ability for users to tag each other in their resources and to connect via friend requests and private messaging. Lastly, we have recently started to really give back to the PE community and organise a mentoring network for PE teachers to mentor one another AND we run monthly PE TeachMeet events in which users share their ideas with others – we do this ABSOLUTELY FREE. Why? Because we really do believe sharing is caring.

After 3 years of grinding and teaching ourselves the finer art of web design we finally saved up enough money to redesign everything we built and even add a mobile app to the mix. Users now have the ability to update their statuses and upload their PE Resources straight form their mobile phones. And we are not done yet. Just watch this space!

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Samples of PE Resources

NetFlex by Cameron Keast – PE Resource

PE Resource - Covid 19

COVID-19 PE POLICY by Mr Ellis – PE Resource

PE Resource - Covid 19